ESWC2015 workshop
June 1st, 2015

Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data

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Call for papers

SALAD ingredients

people from the Semantic Web, Web services, and REST communities
novel ideas, concepts, and applications that combine Linked Data and Web APIs / services
ESWC workshop on June 1st, 2015
an interactive workshop with lots of discussion, accepted paper presentations and keynote
Portorož, Slovenia at the ESWC conference


Current developments on the Web have been marked by the increased use and popularity of Linked Data and Web APIs. However, these two technologies remain mostly disjunct in terms of developing solutions and applications in an integrated way. Therefore, we aim to explore the possibilities of facilitating a better integration of Web APIs and Linked Data, thus enabling the harvesting and provisioning of data through applications and services on the Web. In particular, we focus on investigating how resources exposed via Web APIs can be used together with Web semantic data, as means for enabling a shared use and providing a basis for developing rich applications on top.

Shopping list

The main goal of this workshop is to explore the possibilities of enabling a more integrated and automated use of Web APIs, given the context of the growing importance of Linked Data and applications, benefiting from the available resources. Relevant topics include:

The above list is not exhaustive and we therefore actively encourage participants to be creative. A final goal is to provide future initiatives with the devised ideas and visions to stimulate innovation in this research area.

Preparation instructions

Would you like to show your work at the SALAD workshop? Great! We offer several opportunities to participate in SALAD:

Your submission can be posted through EasyChair or e-mailed.
The template is LNCS.

Accepted papers will be published as CEUR workshop proceedings. Selected papers will be included in a separate ESWC workshop papers volume.

Preparation time

March 23, 2015
April 13, 2015
Camera ready
April 17, 2015
June 1st, 2015