ESWC2015 workshop
June 1st, 2015

Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data

Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data

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The challenge

The World Wide Web has undergone significant changes, developing from a collection of a few interlinked static pages to a global ubiquitous platform for sharing, searching and browsing dynamic and customisable content, in a variety of different media formats. This transformation was triggered by the ever growing number of users and websites and continues to be supported by current developments such as the increased use and popularity of Linked Data and Web APIs. Unfortunately, despite some initial efforts and progress towards integrated use, these two technologies remain mostly disjunct in terms of developing solutions and applications. To this purpose, SALAD aims to explore the possibilities of facilitating a better fusion of Web APIs and Linked Data, thus enabling the harvesting and provisioning of data through applications and services on the Web. In particular, we focus on investigating how both static and dynamic resources (for example, sensor data or streams), exposed via interfaces on the Web, can be used together with semantic data, as a means for enabling a shared use and providing a basis for developing rich applications.

The workshop

With this workshop, we aim to discover new ways to embrace the opportunities that Web APIs offer in terms of data consumption, processing and provisioning but also to investigate the possibilities of integrating them more closely with Linked Data. We want to challenge researchers towards developing integrated description and implementation approaches through both paper submissions and interactive on-site discussion and dialog. In particular, we are looking for description approaches, implementation solutions, use cases and applications that support a more automated and unified Web API use.

The goals

The main goal of this workshop is to explore the possibilities of enabling a more integrated and automated use of Web APIs, given the context of the growing importance of Linked Data and applications, benefiting from the available resources. Relevant topics include:

The above list is not exhaustive and we therefore actively encourage participants to be creative.
A final goal is to provide future initiatives with the devised ideas and visions to stimulate innovation in this research area.